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Addiction recovery coaching

Successful long term recovery requires strategy

The success of maintaining recovery long term lies in our daily behaviours and mindset. It's a lifelong practice. And, just like business, requires hard work, commitment and discipline. It takes time, patience and perseverence. In return, it can give you a life of joy, meaning and purpose.

I provide coaching for individuals who are seeking a supportive, proactive therapist to stay aligned to what they want to achieve in life and ensure they maintain intentional, strong recovery. This includes identifying and overcoming challenging barriers to recovery, including stigma, shame and stress.

Why support is essential

Addiction affects everyone in the family system.


Recovery coaching will provide you with much more than just confidential support; it’s an opportunity to focus on making positive decisions in all areas of your life, of which recovery is the absolute foundation stone.

Without recovery, everything else falls away.

Coaching for individuals

Family & Friends

When we know someone struggling with addiction, our own lives can be fiercely affected. More often than not, the family and friends of an addict are absorbed into the chaos, pain and deception, and life can become highly stressful and unmanageable.

The person addicted isn't the only one suffering.

Coaching for family & friends

Who is addiction recovery coaching for?

The wolf mentality is the practice of being brave, strong, taking ownership of your life and going for what you want and deserve.

Addiction recovery coaching is effective when you

  • have just finished a rehab program
  • are under pressure in your executive role
  • are looking to strengthen your recovery journey
  • are feeling ‘wobbly’ and overwhelmed with too much on your plate with work, family life and recovery
  • have a loved one suffering with addiction and need some support yourself.


The strength of your recovery is a necessity for the success of your life.

The many benefits include

  • my focused coaching approach to help you navigate your recovery journey
  • learning evidence-based tools for behavioural change
  • essential habit forming and goal setting skills
  • developing a more balanced and holistic approach to life
  • discovering effective strategies to help with emotional regulation
  • mindfulness practices for stress reduction and resilience
  • accountability and ongoing support.


One-to-one coaching.

As your recovery coach I will help you identify your blind spots or triggers, and work with you to develop and strengthen a set of tools to keep you on track, even in the most challenging situations. I’ll also be there to ground you with support, guidance and accountability for when things feel tough.

While recovery from substance use is the primary focus, I address your whole life, encompassing health and wellness, self-care, and coping skills.

My method includes evidence-based psychological and behaviour change methods, and neuroscience. I do not ascribe to one particular pathway – my approach honours individuality. I tailor our work together using a range of strategies for the best outcomes.

I help you dive deep into your purpose, your ‘raison d’être’, and your motivation for your recovery journey. This helps you work out what you want, most importantly why you want it, and what could be stopping you, before we create a plan of action together.


Your subconscious mind controls 95 percent of your life.

Today’s science estimates that 95 percent of our brain’s activity is unconscious, meaning that the majority of the decisions we make, the actions we take, our emotions, and our behaviours depend on the vast majority of brain activity that lies beyond conscious awareness. This modelling dictates our behaviour, confidence, self-esteem, resourcefulness, emotional state, resilience, values, morals, ethics and, fundamentally, our reality and the boundaries of who we are.

The aim of my therapy sessions is to help you develop more self awareness and reduce suffering in your life, in place finding ways to feed your good wolf and lead a life of purpose, meaning and joy.

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