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Recovery coaching for family & friends

The person addicted isn't the only one suffering

When we know someone struggling with addiction, our own lives can be fiercely affected. More often than not, the family and friends of an addict are absorbed into the chaos, pain and deception, and life can become highly stressful and unmanageable.

Alongside coaching for individuals suffering with addiction, I also provide sessions for friends and family to protect their own wellbeing, and help them move forward in their lives in healthier ways.

In addiction, everyone in the family (including friends) takes on a role. If you’re interested in reading more about the family addiction system, please read this short blog post.

Who is recovery coaching for?

Recovery coaching is also for the friends and family that are drawn into the addict’s journey.

Recovery coaching is effective if you are

  • a mother, father, sibling, friend or other loved one of someone suffering from addiction
  • finding your life has been taken over by the issues caused by someone else’s addiction
  • needing support with navigating, and understanding, another’s challenges with addiction
  • seeking more education around addiction so you can support a loved one in the best ways possible
  • looking for strategies to help cope and better manage your own life if it’s been eclipsed by another’s addiction.


Lead your own life without being constantly engulfed in another’s addiction.

The many benefits include

  • my focused coaching approach to help you navigate your own journey whilst experiencing someone else’s addiction
  • learning evidence-based tools for behavioural change to help rebalance your own life
  • Understanding your role in the family addiction system
  • essential boundary setting skills
  • developing a more balanced and holistic approach to your own life
  • discovering effective strategies to help with your emotions
  • mindfulness practices for stress reduction and resilience
  • accountability and ongoing support.


One-to-one coaching.

As your recovery coach I will help you identify your blind spots or triggers, and work with you to develop and strengthen a set of tools to keep you on track, even in the most challenging situations. I’ll also be there to ground you with support, guidance and accountability for when things feel tough.

Whilst supporting you being affected by another’s addiction is the primary focus, I address your whole life, encompassing health and wellness, self-care, and coping skills.

My coaching method includes evidence-based psychological and behaviour change methods, and neuroscience. I do not ascribe to one particular pathway – my approach honours individuality. I tailor our work together using a range of strategies for the best outcomes.

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I also run a weekly support group for the loved ones of addicts. The Loved Ones group therapy sessions are aimed at family and friends needing their own safe space to feel supported and move forward, as well as gain an understanding around addiction if needed. Please get in touch for the Zoom link.

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How it works

Support is available globally, online.

Sessions are online, which is least disruptive to your day and allows us to work together wherever you are in the world. 
Each session is 60 minutes. However, if there is greater urgency for more in-depth sessions or for 2:1 (eg two parents), I also offer 90 minute appointments.

I usually coach clients once a week for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. We then review progress and decide whether further sessions would be useful. Later in a coaching program, fortnightly or monthly sessions can be suitable.

However, people are individuals, and each coaching arrangement is unique and tailored to meet the goals you want to achieve. Many of my clients contract my services as a long-term, ongoing agreement. Some need intense coaching support for a week or more if in a period of crisis. In our initial call, we will discuss the best option for you.

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